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Welcome to Mikkelin kansalaisopisto – The Community College of Mikkeli

There are a lot of different courses in our program. Welcome to study at our College! You can find the updated course information on our webpage:
Apart from the courses, we also organize special events, like performances, exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

The Community College of Mikkeli is a public schooling centre for voluntary education and leisure activities programs. It means that anybody – you included – can come to study at our courses. We operate in the area of Mikkeli and Hirvensalmi and we are run by the municipality. Every year we have about 600 courses in 70 different locations, 140 teachers and 5.000 students. The Community College is for everyone!

Most of our courses are for adults, but some of the courses are aimed at children and even for babies. We have a huge variety of different courses, for example in the following subjects: music, theatre, arts, handicrafts, dance, languages, information technology and physical education. We have Finnish language courses, suitable and appropriate for our local immigrated residents and foreign students and citizens from other countries living or staying in the area.

We have evening courses, day-time classes, weekend-classes and short-time and long-running courses.

Most of them start in September and/or January. Our courses are very affordable, on average they cost less than two euros/hour.

The teaching language at the courses is normally Finnish, but many teachers can help you in English or some other language. Every year we update and organize new courses, based on your suggestions. Just tell us what you need or what you are interested in – we always welcome your input!

You can register to the courses at our web site, by phone (015 194 2929) or by coming to our office. The address of our office is Lönnrotinkatu 7 (1st floor), Mikkeli. The registration starts on Tuesday 22nd of August 2023 at 10 AM.

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